First blog post

Greetings to the cyber sober community.  I have been a fascinated reader, yet from a “safe” distance as I seem to be more comfortable as an observer than a participant.  I am now 61 years old and if I don’t soon participate in my own life the option will no longer exist!

For the past 10 years I have been struggling to deal with a troubling relationship with alcohol.  In and out of AA, 2 rehab stints, and a current unsuccessful reach for a life of sobriety.  The train hasn’t wrecked, but it will.  I’ve tried so many other ways – 12 step, therapy, spirituality, reading sober blogs and yoga.  Now I am willing to try a blog as I’ve benefited so much from the blogs of others and I know that they wouldn’t keep at it if it wasn’t working for them.  This is not a natural format for me as an introvert, yet it may prove to be just the thing.

Newly retired from a career in human services, I am a bit adrift.  My hope is the discipline of this blog can help me find  accountability, direction and self-discovery.  And if any of this can benefit other fellows on the journey, then my joy will multiply.






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